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oh my kebob

so it's been such a long time since i've posted last (not that anyone really reads my blog, but still)...and uber lots has happened since then. read shitloads of fanfics and bitched about lots of well as rejoiced over things...

THE WRITER'S STRIKE IS OVER! feels so good to say that. really and truly. and now..i go to comment on my favorite authors' pages... 
and i realize that i love awaken a capella. they're a choir group in UCLA. their covers are uber awesome. also, i like marie digby (go marie!!!)....
doesn't that sound stoned for some odd reason? i think i've rambled too much.
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hodgie lmao

(i laugh at how my life's) gone down the crapshack

actually, the subject title for this entry was initially 'there's a reason why wednesday is part of the addams family'. but, hey, that's my acquired phrase of the week, and it's the perfect time to get such a saying. seriously . this has got to be the crappiest week i've gotten so far. forgotten folders, broken promises, etc., etc. or so my chem teacher oh-so-famously said. 

why wednesday, you ask? well, that's the day i forgot my computer folder. yep. with major hw inside. the kind that could make or break you. and in haste of calling home to get it, i drop half my lunch on the ground. so i had to settle with just 2 dumplings and a bunch of rice (which, i admit, is better than nothing, but still..)

and the tests. WHY OH WHY, PEOPLE? cramming from one oblivion into another. it's not like it's really gonna help. and then you go into that class, and what happens? the teacher postpones it or acts like you do have a test and makes you watch iRobot yes, jollybitch, i'm talking about your sadistic self. gaah. seriously. and all these spam's shoved up my email's ass, and know what? i just want a college that will teach me well and that won't cost much. which, hey, is kinda hard to find...

well, i've ranted my b.f. and i've written more than a hundred letters, so i think i'm okay now. there's a saturday to be had and enjoyed like a normal person. i want my bones!
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c and c

choose: in to burn; out to freeze

seriously. our building is a crapshack. i mean, i think jamestown was better off in 1607. yup. there was a freakin' fire drill today. yup. hellishly cold outside, and the admin thought it was a good idea to start a fire drill. and, as if the frost isn't enough--it was drizzling as well. of course, some of the teachers had their umbrellas and coats in their own room, but guess what? the students didn't. we had our books, sure, but MY coat was stuck in my locker. and apparently, our fire alarm's a product of the crapshack--we had a fire drill TWICE. seriously!?!?! goodness. and it was happening in one of my easiest classes. as if it can't happen at the end of the day when i have jollybitch. bad timing, stupid freaks. students should have a union.soo....between a burning building and a hypothermic surrounding, which one would you prefer to die in? 

my head hurts. but hey, the computer's magic glow of radiation is a cure. well, so is fanfiction and livejournal...and hey, guess what? i got 2 really good grades in math, so i guess the day's evening itself out. oh yeah, and the school's phasing out a shitload of books, so i got myself a textbook in the real world, you go dumpster-diving for basic necessities. at my school we go stairwell-seeking for books. weird, huh? 
hmmmmm.....and now i go to read fanfiction. fanfiction soothes the soul like ice cream soothes a fat kid.
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i rocked that hexane

wh0a...that sounded so nerdy....well, yeah. 'cause i'm a nerd. if you have chem, you know what i'm talking about. ANYWAYS....

sleep-deprived midget typing here...sooo.....all this week, i've only gotten about 6 hrs max per night. yup. lowest: 4. so not helping my whole 'get taller' plan. dang. seriously...

right now, i'm at my uncle's house. my mind's kinda drawing a yeah. 

NOW i remember. something special that happened per day (if i can remember). wh00t.
monday-had this whole fire alarm thing. apparently, the fates like my algebra class...we thought it was just playing until one of the upper-ups told us to get out or else. hee...we were in the middle of a huge test too, so it made it ALL the better...stayed out there for an hour. acted like a bunch of hobos. bottom line: it was GREAT.
tuesday-everyone's science fair was due (remember, the coward in me chickened out?) so pretty much the whole class was sleeping their way through the day.
wednesday-eeek. nuthin that special...stayed up late (the fateful 4-hr stretch)
thursday-big project due. kicked butt at basketball...i'm very unpredictable.
friday-ack. just got through the day. bunch of freshmen freakin' pissed me off.....stupid fish. but that's over...

AND TODAY'S SATURDAY! well, not so much. but i'm gonna make the most of it...

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failure is not an option (unless success wasn't one to begin with)

we took our cousin on a little field trip. frankly, i was a bit bored--i mean, going to that place is practically a rite of passage to my town's elementary students (ngek....too many scares of sex offenders to actually name the town and offense to innocent people who do it with the sensible people, aka NOT defenseless victims. but that's another topic altogether). so i was kinda dozing in and out. but their tour guides are hot! i mean, ladies, if you wanna be set for life, i'd pick the guy that spouted all those facts about the main topic and basically rattled a bunch of inspired words by inspired dead people. not mine, though. you can't have him. hee.

anyway, for me, the real fun came when we had to eat out after the whole 'field trip' dealie. they had this karaoke machine (and you know, asians sure like their karaoke). so we start singing...pretty soon, there was another family coming in. and they grabbed the microphone after we got our food. holy crap, they sang terrible! i mean, if there's a storm passing by that town five hours from now, i'd know why. seriously. they sang oops i did it again, barbie girl...girly songs. i HATE girly. so yeah. and all i kept thinking to myself was, 'chew and swallow. chew. and. swallow.' at least the karaoke machine didn't lie. that's all i have to say about that.

so now my feet hurt. like hell. but it was worth it. i'm going back in a couple of days, and i have gym this semester. it's a freakin' warm up. *optimistic* 

hope everyone enjoys the rest of the break! (if you haven't already, i mean)
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massu glasses

Happy '08!

ok, guys *looks around at imaginary audience*. it's finally '08. happy new year, everyone (i guess i should say, first of all..)

it was fun doing all the fireworks. i got stung, and got hit by those little fire end thingies (not exactly fire, but still...). and one of the fireworks that i lit actually did a trajectory and, possibly, blew up a house the next street over, but it's still good (i'm not in my neighborhood anyway, so yeah).

new year's resolution, you may ask? i don't really make them, but if i had to make any...i don't really know at the present moment what i'd nicer to family? i don't really know. but if i had to make any wishes, it'd be for the writers' strike to end..heee. the bones fan in me.
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i gotta say, that may be one of the better christmases i've spent...i got a shitload of clothes though....*crossing fingers for laptop with celerity-speed internet, photoshop, and really good video-editing software* will come..

MY MOTHER GOT ME BONES SEASON 1 ON DVD! yay...i love my mother. except when i tried to show it to my aunt, she tried to freakin' steal it away from me...i was like, 'oh, hell no...i will fight for this!' now the entire household is under a segmented bones season 1 marathon (segmented because my eyes already have enough radiation to rival the chernobyl nuclear incident). i had to cram for a lot of stuff--knitting a scarf and writing for a comic book mostly, but it was all good. >heeeee<

can't wait for new year--my uncle's coming. gonna be so much fun watching him annoy the crap out of my sister. *mwahahaha*
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doin' the charlie brown

 cuz finals are officially over! yesheez, i have been studying my ASS off (and i'm pretty sure my cousin's been doing the same). and mind you, it's kinda hard when you have cousins wanting to talk to you. i mean, not being rude to them or anything, but when you need to shut your trap, you need to shut your trap. seriously. especially when the person you want to talk to has to memorize the main points of the Renaissance. but hey, i know all of my final grades except for SAT prep, and i am tellin' you, so far, it's all good. thank you....

so we have the big christmas party with the fam at my cousin's crib (so ghetto..) but the thing is my mother's working. which is crap. she has a life, people. and daughters that wanna be with her. damn you....(btw, if her employers are reading this, you guys are the best bosses ever. really *smiles like shirley temple with a lollipop*. 

and now i'm just chillin'. no homework. the two words i have longed for. reading fanfics, watching youtube and hulu. life is good. i will make the most of my 2 weeks. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
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Smart-Ass Smackdown Day

yup. well, technically, it was yesterday. i just didn't get to post before midnight (but who cares?)...

i basically flaunted by 'squint-y' intellect at the main smart-ass in my class. and it felt SO good. i mean, the stupid freak won't look up the answers--he was depending on others to give it to him (which, you know, is ok, but when you hear that annoying voice shouting out random numbers and you've only had 4 hrs of sleep, it becomes a problem). so i stood up, took my notes with me, slammed it on his desk, and read it aloud and took off with a grand exit. yup. SQUINT POWER! who's on top now, bitch? 

they're working us hard with finals (yup. less than a month before the stinkin' finals. goodness.) so much work to do, so much to cram into cranium, and so LITTLE time. it helps when you don't have a life. yuck. i'd rather watch bones all day. in fact, that's probably what i'm gonna do. right when i get out for the holidays, i will have a bones marathon. yupyup. 

that episode no, it's not just THAT episode, it's THE episode: santa in the slush (the one where B/B kissed)....did anyone else count the steamboats? i counted eight (and on the one on fox website: 12. damn!). a whole freakin' flotilla indeed. i can't wait 'til the directors bow down to the writers' demands and just give them what they want already..
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gobble gobble gobble

as an asian, i don't normally follow the traditions of thanksgiving. we eat, but we eat asian foods. and we have families that actually talk and have a good time (not the dysfunctional kind that you see on tv or w/e).

but i'm thankful for my friends and family, first and foremost (would you look at that alliteration?). thankful for my education, my computer....and....(you guessed it) BONES!

for those that have not seen tonight's bones episode, the knight in the grid, i seriously recommend you guys seeing it. it's the most kick-ass episode i have seen thus far. and apparently, i'm one of the last vultures to know of the big spoiler coming up about the next week's episode, but lemme tell you something: i actually have it as my wallpaper on the computer right now. i showed it to my mom, her mandible (jaw...bones terms...*sigh*) just dropped. yup. and it makes me all bubbly inside. heeeee....i would've uploaded another version of the blooper kiss (icon style) courtesy of break_free_27  but LJ wouldn't take it--passed the 40 KB limit. frick. anyway, i cannot wait for the next episode. it's kinda weird though, that they're already airing the christmas episode in november...(hint: FOX just settle the damn thing with the writers already, will you?)...

concerning school: i've mapped out the stuff i need to do over the thanksgiving holiday/break. and by the looks of it, i don't think i'm really getting that much of a break. i mean, seriously, what is the use of a "break" if you're gonna pile shit for students to do? isn't that kinda like school at home? goodness. 

also.. my school's executing the modern version of decimation. it's the freakin' building! i mean, one day it's cold outside and hot inside (specifically cold in stairwells, hottest at the 3rd floor and coldest at the admin offices, obviously)--with paint fumes everywhere. what are they trying to do? and then it's freezing, back to hot. i mean, really...

*sudden change of mood* but overall, i'm happy.....BONES!
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